Screen Artifacts after playing 720p video full screen - Defective Unit?

I received my Jetson Nano plugged to a 1080p TV screen via HDMI (good cable, tested with other 1080p equipment). Installed jetson-nano-sd-r32.1-2019-03-18, updated and rebooted. I also have a 5V 4AMP PSU.

There are quite noticeable artifacts as shown on this picture:

They are located in a few areas of the screen. At first boot they are not noticeable, but they become immediately noticeable after playing the following video on YouTube (via Chromium):

YouTube Settings: 720p60 settings or higher + Full screen

Then, they appear to remain on the screen (those screen area where the artifacts are, are blinking). For example, opening this web page and scrolling down the page would trigger them.

Does it mean my hardware is defective and I have to return the unit? Or does it happen to everyone? What is this related to?

Thank you.


We will help check. Thanks for report.

We failed to reproduce this issue on our device.

I think you may

  1. Try different HDMI monitor
  2. Try other Nano devices (if you have)
  3. Try MMAPI sample to render something on monitor to check if this issue only happens to Chromium.
  4. Try different test video to narrow down what case might hit issue.

I confirm the unit was defective. It was sent to RMA and I received a replacement. Now everything works well.