Screen brightness problem with game in windowed mode with GTX1060, Driver version 375.20

I tried posting this problem on the Steam forums, but no luck because of small amount of people gaming on Linux.

More specifically, it happens with CS:GO, where my whole screen becomes brighter when I launch the game. The brightness goes back to normal when I switch windows. On a scale of 1 to 10, the brightness goes from 5(normal) to 10(when I have the game window opened). Not a big deal, because the game is still playable.

However, on some occasions, the game will launch with a brightness level of something like 15 on a scale from 1 to 10. The whole screen becomes something like this :

It affects the whole system, not just the game window. However, I am able to fix this problem by switching windows a few times, but it goes to a brightness level of 10 instead of the default level of 5. This problem persists after I close the game window and the only way to get back the default brightness is to reboot the computer.

I’ve contacted my GPU manufacturer(EVGA) about this issue and the agent told me that it was a driver issue. Since then, I’ve reinstalled the drivers 3 times (2 of which failed because of issues with black screens while trying to turn off the X server, only managed to successfully install thought the ppa), RMAed my Asus Z170-A motherboard(thinking that it might be a overclocking issue) and a faulty PSU.

Here’s my specs:

I do have an older PC with the same distro, but with an AMD card and haven’t had any issues with the brightness, which pinpoints the source of the problem to either a faulty GPU or graphics drivers. Is there anything that I could do to fix this problem?