Screen DisplaySize/DPI horiz+vert apparently ignored (fedora 20, geforce gt 530, 64 bit kernel)


It appears that the nvidia X driver ignores the Xorg server’s calculations from DisplaySize (or from setting DPI X x Y). My display is a native 1024x768 plasma with rectangular pixels (1.333 : 1) resulting in a 16 : 9 DisplaySIze. Images and videos are noticeably stretched horizontally, implying to me that the card is treating the screen as having square pixels.

EDID does not report a usable screen size, so I’ve hardcoded a reasonable aspect ratio in xorg.conf (with Option “UseEDIDDpi” “FALSE” and DisplaySize 320 180). Xorg.0.log shows that DPI is being computed to (81, 108) (which seems backwards to me - the pixels are longer than they are tall).

How do I get a display with rectangular pixels to display video without stretching???

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (86.9 KB)