Screen flashing gray on Jetson TK1

Every so often the screen blanks to a gray color for about half a second, sometimes quicker.

Also I’ve noticed that I’ll get logged out every so often, very abruptly.

Has this happened for anyone else before?

Which Linux for Tegra version are you using?

Can you provide /var/log/Xorg.0.log and the output of “dmesg” command?

I have the same issue (L4T R21.3). It turns to gray and if you touch the mouse it gets back without logout.
Logouts are rare in my tk1 (since 21.3). I will provide logs later.

Well, what I’ve done since the original post was to use the grinch kernel- I had done this to get my wifi working. Since then I’ve had far fewer interruptions, too few to be able to report on what the cause may be. What I have noticed on occasion is that my chrome tabs will all crash or the system will become unbearably unresponsive when using youtube.

The kernel I’m using is 3.10.40-grinch-21.3.4

In such cases I often suspect flash. I’ve had many cases on non-Jetson systems using multiple operating systems and browsers which show flash consuming CPU even after the video stops. If you ever have a somewhat repeatable issue, try temporarily disabling flash and see what happens differently.