Screen Module for Jetson Nano 4GB

Hi, I am new with this Jetson Nano 4GB board and I am looking for a recommendation of LCD Screen Module, which does not use HDMI / Display Port and size above 4 inches
The only thing I want to display on the screen is text:

Similar to this:

DIYmall 0.96 Inch Yellow Blue I2c IIC Serial Oled LCD LED Module 12864 128x64 for Arduino Display Raspberry PI 51 Msp420 Stim32 SCR


it can also be this:

Hosyond 3.2 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Module 320x240 SPI Serial ILI9341 with Touch Pen Compatible with Arduino R3/Mega Development Board

I am open to any possible suggestion.

Thank you.

I don’t have answer for this, may someone provide the suggestion. Thanks

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