Screen of notebook turned off when charger plugged in or outg

I am using Asus Tuf Dash F15 with windows 10 64bit OS. The notebook has GeForce RTX3050 graphics card.

When I plug the charger in or out the screen turned off for 3-4 seconds. Sometimes the screen never turns on.

Refresh rate of the screen changes from 60 (on battery) to 144 (when charging) Hz. Making some research people arguing the problem caused due to change in refresh rate of the screen. However, changing the refresh rate manually is not permanent solution and work only for first try. Then it starts change the rate again.

Windows, Asus and Nvidia updates are all up to date.

How to fix this problem?


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Your post is in the wrong category, this should be in the GPU Hardware category. I will move this to the proper forum. I would also consider posting your issue in the Asus forums.


Hi @iamzain16 ,

Did you check if you have the most current BIOS installed?

The switch between battery and cord power causes a switch between CPU and GPU graphics. I myself have an ASUS ROG Zephyrus Dual and see the same effect of a blank screen, but only for less than a second. You cannot influence this through Windows settings to default to one or the other. This is controlled on BIOS level.

One thing you could check is in ASUS Armoury Crate to see if changes to power and performance settings have an influence on this behaviour.

But if the screen does not come on at all after you plug in the power cord, that is very concerning in that it might be a HW defect. That is why I agree with Tom that you should contact ASUS and possibly consider an RMA.

Nvidia Updates are all up to date … Also update BIOS and Chipset.

Hello @makeupideaz , if you are really a new user, welcome to the forums and please describe your issue in a bit more detail, otherwise everyone i missing a bit of context.

But in case this is @iamzain16 just with a second account, please see the end of my last comment. You should try for a repair or replacement by ASUS.