Screen off center

I am running Linux Mint 15 on an older machine with a FX 5600 graphics card connected to a Philips flatscreen via DVI. I am using the legacy nvidia driver 173.14.

Unfortunately the screen is off center so that the right border shows up on the left side of the screen (see following image):

(The flatscreen has no option for centering the picture. No way.)

The same thing happens in Windows XP. But there I can easily correct this issue by changing the timing from “Auto” to “GTF” (see following image):

The nvidia driver in Linux has no such option. How do I center the screen in Linux?

Any help is highly appreciated - Thank you!


I used PowerStrip to retrieve the timings from Windows XP (the screen there is perfectly centered). With this timings I created a modeline in xorg.conf. But unfortunately nothing has changed (screen is still off center)

When I check the actual timings in Linux with xvidtune I get exactly the parameters which are in the modeline. So the modeline is used but nevertheless the result is not the same as in Windows XP.

There must be something else what happens in Windows. Forcing the same timings seems not to be enough …