Screen tearing in Ubuntu 14.04.3, NVIDIA/Intel graphics, MSI GT70 Dominator

When using the proprietary drivers on a new install of Ubuntu 14.04.3 on an MSI GT70 Dominator (Intel i7, Intel HD4000 integrated graphics card, GTX970M dedicated graphics card), there is severe screen tearing. It’s as though vsync is off in a game- fast motion produces very obvious horizontal lines. I have tried many solutions so far, but none have been successful. I was hoping someone from the Nvidia side of things may be able to succeed where the Ubuntu side has so far been unable to. Thanks very much, I’d be happy to elaborate on anything anyone would like to know.

You need to disable unredirection in compizconfig. Compiz is a bit of a crappy old compositors for Ubuntu to still be using, and it can’t handle vsync unredirection.