Screen tearing issue using xvimagesink in full screen case


Recently we met some tearing issue on monitors with low fresh-rate (<=30).
We implemented a full screen frame by GTK.
By using GstVideoOverlay interface, we can render videos using different video sinks in gstreamer pipeline.
If xvimagesink is used, we could observe tearing issue in motion case.
But no such issue seen if nv3dsink or nveglglessink is used.
We also tried implementing a window with boaders, no tearing issue.

Finally I found a solution to edit xorg.conf in Screen tearing problem on tx2.

But I have following questions:

  1. From the post, no tearing issue if lightdm is on. But on NX the gdm is being used.
    So is it a bug that Nvidia did not implement bsp change on NX?
  2. If it is not a bug with Nvidia, why not apply ForceCompositionPipeline to true in xorg.conf by default? Is there any side-effect if doing so?
  3. Is there anything special done in nv3dsink/nveglglessink? I’d like to evaluate if same thing could be done in xvimagesink if changing xorg.conf have side-effect.

Thanks a lot.

The source code of nv3dsink and nveglglessink is open source. We would suggest check the source source and if you have other use-case, you can make customization and re-build the plugins.

On Jetson platforms, the DMA buffer is NVMM buffer(NvBuffer) and we develop our own plugins for access/process/render the buffers in zero memcpy. We would suggest use our plugins.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your reply.
The main reason we don’t use nv3dsink and nveglglessink is that both of them cannot be used multiple times in same process at same time.
Anyway this is another issue.
And any idea about my point 1&2?

Some update:
We switched to LXDE+lightdm, no tearing issue seen.
But I can see the xorg.conf not changed.
So I doubt if Nvidia has some issue here.

But lightdm is not an option for us.
So we tried the ‘ForceCompositePipeline’ option.
But we observed one strange thing afterwards: if htop (not jtop) is running at same time as video rendering, we could saw lag issue or frame drop.
We didn’t see such issue prior to the ‘ForceCompositePipeline’ change.

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