script setup to use cutil.h

Hi all. I am currently running CUDA programs without using cutil.h. I am interested in running cutil.h utilities but in my first try the script setup was not successful for me. The manual says to include some statements at the end of my source script (ex: .cshrc) in my home directory. Can the local directory I am using to run CUDA be considered a home directory? I need sudo in order to access root, and I am not sure how to make the script working to include cutil.h. Can anyone help me in the setup process?

BTW, I am using cshell so I changed to setenv commands instead of the commands mentioned in the CUDA manual.

Why do you want to use cutil? It’s not a fixed API at all and is only there for the convenience of the authors of SDK samples. I would not depend on it (because you will inevitably run into versioning problems), but feel free to use parts of it in your own headers.