SD card corruption

We are having a problem that others appear to have reported as well. We are using an Orin Nano Dev Kit. We are flashing with the SDK manager. We are using V4L to write images to disk. After about a week we start to get corruption on the card.

These are Samsung cards so we have other cards on order we are going to test.

The reason I wanted to start a topic is I see this in another thread, @WayneWWW you mentioned:

“There is known issue on Orin Nano devkit sdcard module. Please boot from usb instead.”

Is there any details on this problem so we can figure out if this is affecting us?



We are still checking this issue internally. If this affect your usecae, please use nvme or usb ssd for now.

Thank you @WayneWWW, this does affect our use case for now. We’ll try using a USB SSD for now.

Is there any way you can keep this topic open until it has been resolved and report back here for others to find as well. I’d hate to have to try and remember every thirteen day to come ask for an update. :)

This issue would be fixed in jetpack6 GA version.

Thank you Wayne for the update!

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