SD Card image is corrupting the memory card


I am programming jetson-nano-jp451-sd-card-image to 64GB SDXC Card.
After programming the SD card, when I put it in the Jetson Nano Device it does not boot. Also when I plug it into my PC it is not detected.

When you say “not detected”, it is very different for Windows to not understand the data content, versus not knowing the SD card is present. Windows has no understanding of Linux filesystems (looks like you are using Windows, is this correct?), and thus cannot mount or use any of its partitions (it is a “Linux thing” for the partition Linux can mount and use, but even to Linux the rest of the partitions are just binary data). An inability to know the SD card exists would imply the SD card itself (or the SD card reader) has failed.

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Thanks for pointing it out!
I tried on Linux PC as well and memory card was not accessible.
SD Card formatter or balenaEtcher are not able to detect its presence.
In order to modify the image I had to use Disk Management Tool of Windows to format and re-program the image.
Finally! Things are working! :)

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