SD card images, GPU driver

Hello everyone,

I’m having issues with the SD card images newer than JP 4.2 released on 2019/06/07. My GPU app works correctly on SD card version 4.2 but not on any SD card image release after that. Is there something missing from the later releases? My apps act as if no GPU drivers are installed or detected. I tried the SDK route and it seems the partitions are far less friendly that way. I’ve got to simply this process so my less experienced coworkers can follow a simple guide I plan on documenting for them. Being able to use etcher and a SD card image would be super handy!

Thanks for any insights. Also, the app is OpenALPR in case anyone is interested.


We have upgraded the driver and CUDA version in latest JetPack release.
So you will need to recompile your app to generate a compatible executable file.


Okay, I did some more thorough investigating and I found something peculiar. My OpenALPR installer is checking the jetpack version by checking the file located at /etc/nv_tegra_release. From what I can tell no SD card image after 4.2 includes this file.

Is there something missing from the later images besides this file /etc/nv_tegra_release??? Can I just drop it in this directory and be done with it?

Hi andrewsjeep, the /etc/nv_tegra_release file was removed in lieu of checking the L4T version through dpkg - for more info, see this post:

The OpenALPR installer should ideally be updated to check it this way. There shouldn’t be other L4T components missing from SD card image.