SD Card mounting and source list issues in Ubuntu on Shield Android TV

HI, we’re doing a bit of testing on the Shield console to run our linux applications, and are having less than a fun time getting the internal SD card reader to work consistently. Even if it sees the sd card on fdisk, it doesn’t allow us to mount it, even though the ubuntu image is on the sd card. Second, the source list isn’t working correctly, so we’re not able to get gparted (or any update packages) for that matter through apt-get. Anyone have similar experiences?

As an update, we’re still having the sd card unmount itself almost randomly upon reboot, probably 1 in 4 times. The source list issue seems to be a strange network problem where the network connections are working, as we can ssh fine and run our server service, but something’s wrong in the network manager and it shows it as disconnected even when the service is running. It works for everything else so we pushed this to the “nice to fix” bucket, as we’ve yet to get the graphics drivers up and running. Anyone ahead of the curve there?

Let me see what I can find out.

We are aiming for a developer version of L4T on Shield ATV early next month, but no promises as of yet. It should resolve these issues.