SD card no longer bootable

this is my second NANO the first one never did boot , this one will no longer boot just the NVIDIA screen comes up , I have reflashed the sd card and tried an new SD card …any idea how to troubleshoot this.

So far my experience with these NANOs has been bad , are they poorly designed? seem like garbage to me.

Are you using Nano Devkit? Or Production module? I don’t think they are bad likes that. Never ever seen hardware problem with Jetson modules I have used.

DEV Kit . thanks for chiming in did you have any advice?

Please try to flash the whole board + sdcard with sdkmanager.

The sdcard image only has rootfs, so if the software on the module is broken, it won’t get recovered with just replacing sdcard.

OK will do, this is the first I have heard of SDKMANAGER, was just using BALENA Etcher

Your issue is probably same as below post.

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