SD card not detected by TX2 nvidia box

SD card not detected by the box

Is this a TX2? If you monitor “dmesg --follow”, what new log lines show up upon SD card insert? Have you tried different brands/models of SD card? Is this a TX2 dev kit, or something with a third party carrier board?

I flashed now using BSP and it is detecting now, but using SDK manager flashing didn’t work

If the carrier board is a third party carrier board (if the TX2 is not a dev kit), then you would have to use the third party BSP to get the correct carrier board layout. If this is not a dev kit (or if it is) you should note this in the thread. If this is a dev kit, and SDKM failed, then you will need to give more details.

Incidentally, flash and adding extra optional packages basically occurs in two separate steps such that one can fail while the other succeeds. Flash starts with an actual flash and the Jetson in recovery mode, and this never installs the optional packages (e.g., no CUDA in that step). Then, as flash completes, the Jetson reboots. Once first boot account setup is complete the fully booted (not in recovery mode) Jetson has those packages added via ssh to that newly added account. Thus it is important to know more about what failed from SDKM.

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