SD card not found with a Boxer 8250 AI and the Nvidia OS (flashed through Nvidia SDK)

I have a Boxer 8250 AI (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX AI@Edge Fanless Embedded Box PC, 5 GbE LAN Ports | AAEON BOXER-8250AI - AAEON) and flashed a Nvidia OS through Nvidia SDK on it. In the Boxer 8250ai is a Nvidia Jetson NX included. I used the official instructions to flash the operating system (Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation). So far so good, however I now face the problem, that the physical SD card reader is not detected. As the eMMC is per default nearly full (90%) I really need the extra space of the SD card.

I already found some posts about SD card problems with the Jetson Xavier which state that dtb files need to be adapted. I am totally new to such a depth of OS and I do not know, which dtb file I would need to adapt and what exactly is needed to do so. All posts I found where about self created custom OS and did not helped me to solve my issue (maybe I missed an important point). Nevertheless, I wonder if there is an easier way to get access to the SD card (maybe through installing a driver or something similar).

USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports all work properly, only the SD card reader is not working.

So to come to concrete questions:

  • How can I get my OS to find the SD card?
  • Is it required to adapt .dtb files or is there another way?
  • Are this problems maybe related to the L4T (R32.7.1) or Ubuntu (18.04) version?


You should ask this with the vendor. If this is custom board, then you need AAEON to help you.

Make it more straight to understand, this is their board, so it should be them to enable it but not you. Modifying a dtb to enable sdcard requires a hardware schematic. I don’t think you have their schematic to make this work.

And just some other things to let you know.

If your custom board has a “sdcard slot” on it, then using sdkmanager definitely not make that slot work because sdkmanager does not have any configuration/dtb to make a extra sdcard slot work.

Generally, vendor provides their own BSP which can work for their own board. Thus, you should ask the vendor if they have specific BSP to make the board fully functional.

ah ok then I know where I can proceed and which attempts I can stop, thank you for your advice.

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