SD Card Results in Boot Failure

My Jetson no longer seems to boot correctly. It was booting fine, but now it displays the setup script, the nvidia logo, and then goes black instead of displaying the desktop. Nothing strange happened last time I used it that I would think could cause it to get screwed up. The only difference between this time booting it and the other times is that I had left a 16 gb sd card in the sd slot while it was booting. I don’t really know if the sd card is what caused the problem, but its the only notable thing that changed. Now it won’t boot regardless of whether or not the sd card is present. Is it possible that the sd card is what caused this problem? Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

I’ve had the same problem-- see this thread:

The serial console is always the first thing to watch when something happens. This port displays even during the boot loader stage. What does the serial console show?

I don’t know if SD had anything to do with it, but it is possible the SD was tested for a bootable device (I forget if this works under fastboot, but SD will be checked under u-boot).

I booted it up again and had left the SD in there, it didn’t seem to make a difference this time, so maybe the sd card wasn’t the issue.

What does the serial console log show?