SD Card to run Jetson TX2 on

Hi, I am building a robot system with TX2. TX2 has only 32G storage. I am thinking running TX2 totally on a SD Card (>128 G). Another good thing about SD Card is that I can transfer my work and system from on TX2 to another TX2 without flashing the jetson system.

I have two questions:

  1. What kind of SD card should I buy? I am currently using a Sandisk XC1 card. It has 80M /s speed and is 10 (whatever it means…). Is this faster enough compared with TX2 native emmc storage?
  2. I already mount my SD card to one TX2. If I want to use the card on another TX2, do I have to mount the card to that jetson too?


I think you could use up to UHS-3 SD card.

As for the question 2, I am not sure what do you want… this usecase seems not common.

Are you wanting to just add extra space? For example, anything going into a directory goes to the SD card? Or are you wanting to replace the built in eMMC disk with the SD card for the whole operating system? The first case is easy, the latter case is not easy.

My goal is to use single SD card to drive different copies of TX2 board. Then I do not need to flash system, software etc to each TX2.

You may do this, but you would have to be sure that each TX2 has been previously flashed with the expected version for early boot and device tree partitions.