SD card write speed issue

Has anyone had a problem with write speed to SD cards? I plan on using OpenCV for an application and am looking at the possibility of recording video as part of it. I know write speeds to SD cards are typically low. Has anyone run into an issue with writting 60fps 1080p video to an SD card? If it is a problem I can try to get around it but connecting an external HD via USB-C but I would prefer to adopt that strategy earlier rather than later.


Hi ben.kawecki,

For internal test, the MicroSD read/write performance is good without issue.
Could you share your steps to writing 1080p@60 video to SDcard?
We can try to reproduce issue first. Thanks!


I currently don’t have an issue, I was in the process of planning a potential architecture and wanted to poll people who have already writen high data video 1080p 60fps to an sd card and been satisfied with the performance.

Hi carolyuu, ben.kawecki,
I am currently using Jetson NX and SamSung 64gb evo plus uhs-i / u3 / class 10.
I want to write images HD 60fps from Zed2 camera, but I am getting only 6fps currently.
Any idea to write faster?
Many thanks,

Hi luan1412167,

Please file new topic for new issue.

Hi @carolyuu
I have opened new topic here, Can you help me?