SD external card in Jetson TX2 ?

I have Jetson TX2 and I have external SD ard with 32GB memeory.

I can’t change permission in files that SD card contains,

Do you think it is possible to run programs that are saved in SD card ?
Because, I tried to install Tensorflow with “sudo bash” command but at some point I got “permission denied” error.

For reference, can you post the output of “df -H -T”? If you highlight the output in a forum post and click on the “code” icon (looks like “</>”), then it’ll preserve formatting.

When you are logged in, what user are you logged in as (see “whoami” command)?

What is the full permission of any file failing to change permissions on? Example:

ls -l /where/ever/that/file/is

If your user differs from the file owner you will need to be user root to change it. “sudo” is the way to become root, e.g.:

# run "ls" as root:
sudo ls
# Or drop into a root shell and become root for several commands:
sudo -s stuff...

FYI, any valid program won’t care what media it is on, it’ll just work. The command “sudo bash” without any other arguments would just start a bash shell, and then you’d need to run whatever program it is from there…but only if it is truly an executable program and permissions reflect this (note that root can change anyone’s permissions…but root cannot execute a non-executable file until changing to that permission).