Sdcard mounts as mmcblk2

We just updated from Jetpack 3.1 to 4.3 and one thing that is bugging me a little is that the sd card now mounts at /dev/mmcblk2 instead of /dev/mmcblk1 which it always even going back to the TK1. lsblk doesn’t list anything for mmcblk1.

It’s not a huge deal…just curious why this all of sudden changed. The TX2 both before and after the update was installed in a ConnectTech Orbitty carrier board and in both cases had their BSP installed.

I couldn’t say for sure, but I suspect it is due to the order of enumerating the devices during boot. Possibly detection of devices changed order.

probably custom udev rule may be created that will assign specific sdcard device to a specific device name;
the reason of reassigning might exist somewhere in dmesg outputs probably

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