SDK 8.0 release date and some questions?

Apparently, NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 378.66 WHQL which released on 2017.2.14 mentions new features of upcoming sdk 8.0

The changelog:
Video SDK 8.0
•High-bit-depth (10/12-bit) decoding (VP9/HEVC)
•OpenGL input surface support for encoder
•Weighted Prediction
•H.264 ME-only mode enhancements

So, when will the updated SDK8.0 come out?

I have few questions on the upcoming “Weighted Prediction”.
Is this feature applicable to P or B frames or both?
Does this feature exclusive to H264 only?

Next, when will Temporal AQ available for HEVC?

SDK 8.0 will be released shortly.

Okay…It has been quite a while since release of the 378.66 driver…

How about questions on Weighted Prediction and T-AQ for HEVC?

What do you mean by shortly ?

I have been wondering about that too…aside from my few unanswered questions…

We are also waiting for SDK 8.0 release. Especially the following sample:
•OpenGL input surface support for encoder

do you have any update on the SDK 8.0 release date? Please inform us about the current status.

Thanks you,

Released -

I know…just kinda disappointed.
Weighted Prediction only usable if B-frame is disabled for H264. At least this is useful for HEVC since nvenc HEVC encoding doesn’t support B-frame in first place. Until I read Weighted Prediction is an exclusive feature for Pascal series.

T-AQ still not available for HEVC, but Spatial aq-strength slider ought to work for HEVC encoding in SDK 8.0.
In nvEncodeAPI.h, uint32_t aqStrength :4; , but Using_FFmpeg_with_NVIDIA_GPU_Hardware_Acceleration.pdf recommends it to be set at -aq-strength 8 So, which recommendation to follow? 4 or 8?

8.0 changelog also mentioned Improved quality for HEVC spatial adaptive quantization. What exactly being changed here?

Finally, good news for LTR documentation!