SDK 8.1 Emphasis Map


I see the new feature called “Emphasis Map” introduced in SDK 8.1.
However, I could not find example to demonstrate how to use this new feature.

Where can I find example code to enabled this feature?

Especially, example code to show how to program “NV_ENC_PIC_PARAMS::qpDeltaMap”?

Can we modified this map on per frame level?

Thanks, Helen

Hi Helen,

Emphasis map usage is demonstrated in Capture SDK 7.0 ( In the Capture SDK 7.0 package, this app will be in the SDK/samples/NvFBC/NvFBCDX9NVEnc directory
To explore the emphasis map feature, run the application with commandline switch: ‘-enableEmphasis’
The application help menu also describes this.

Follow the ‘m_bEnableEmphasisLevelMap’ variable in SDK/samples/NvFBC/NvFBCDX9NVEnc/Encoder.cpp to see how qpDeltaMap is used as emphasis map.

Ryan Park

Thanks, Ryan!

I’ll download the Capture SDK 7.0 and take a look.