SDK Access to Omniverse XR for AR Tablet use cases

Working on AR Tablet use case that involves navigating a physical space and leveraging a digital twin of that space to explore various scenarios. Essentially using the device camera and Lidar sensor data to help enable the rendering of specific prims from the OV twin realistically in the AR camera view of the physical space. I don’t believe the current NVidia supplied iOS app (which works great btw) is an option for this specific use case.
Is there any current option or future plan to allow SDK access to OV XR ?

Hey @user43652 , there are plans to expose the SDK for various XR functionality. In the case you’re describing right now, you’ll also want access to CloudXR example APK. You can find those by asking in the CloudXR forums.

Hi, @user43652.
Now I’m testing the same case
Let me confirm: Is the picture on the following web page what you want to do?
link: [Omniverse] CloudXRのARを試す – ft-lab , 11th picture.

In addition, I would like to ask another question, Are there any differences between Omniverse Streaming App for iOS and Android?

I might misunderstand the first question, Is the feature @user43652 mentioned available on Android?

Hi teyon.son

Yes I believe the use case is similar if not the same. Thank you for sharing your work. My question was related to a specific iOS SDK, offered by NVIDIA, that would provide ongoing support for such use cases.

Hi, @user43652.
Thank you for your kind reply.

now I understand your previous question. it’s about not Client App, but iOS SDK.
I will investigate iOS SDK for our usecase.
Thank you.