SDK Components not installed

Hi I have an avermedia carrierboard and AGX orin. I have installed their BSP without any major issues. I then tried to install the SDK components such as CUDA. SDK manager reported all ok apart from “BSP Patch” and “Multimedia” which have some sort of BSP mismatch.

I went back to the orin to see if CUDA is now on there but it reports that it is not installed. The BSP should be for 5.0.2 Rev 1 and that is the SDK components I am trying to install. Given that SDK manager reported CUDA and most the rest were fine, shouldn’t I see something on the jetson?

Hi Alex247

Would you mind providing screenshot of SDK Manager which reporting CUDA is not installed?

SDK Manager reports that CUDA is installed successfully.

However, when i go to the Orin system and use JTOP it says that CUDA is not installed.

That said, I’ll try and get a photo of both screens today.

Hi alex247

As far as I know, JTOP is a 3rd party tool.
It might not detect cuda successfully as Orin is new platform

ok what command can i type to verify installation?

Please refer to the following link for SDK Component
Packages for Jetson Devices

ex. You can run the following command on your board
$ apt list -a|grep nvidia-l4t-cuda

Aw ok. I used your command and it reported cuda as installed, so perhaps its just a JTOP issue. Here is the screenshot from the host and target machines incase there is anything interesting there for you to note with the failed installation items.

On the relevant system you might find this of interest:
ls -ld /usr/local/cuda*

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