SDK Directory Location on Standard Install

After 4 days and 14 clean Fedora25 installs after following installation directions from NVIDIA in the instaler notes, I can’t find the Cuda9.1 SDK Directory. Tried it every way I could think of. The —A option helped a lot. I downloaded the runfile, rpm local, and rpm network. Multiple cards, mulitple times I tried.

After getting everything compiled and installed, I just can’t find the SDK Directory. As “complicated” as the instructions are, (not at all), I’m at a loss. Maybe I been doing too much high level thinking and this simple thing is escaping my attention.

I just want to know so I can move on

Don’t worry, installed fresh OS on another unit, got past AMD XServer version crap, and on my way. I understand this is high-level stuff. However a lot of this shit is too ambiguous and convoluted when it don’t need to be. It is funny how these tech companies stepping on their own toes with software that is a bitch to istall with a guide made by them. Wonder where their profits are going. Drugs and ratchet women in my case, gotta love 'em, they just work right.

Can’t find link to be removed from this site. Please report me. I can be offensive as fuck, don’t wan’t to. My doors lock to keep shit out, not in unless I rightfully own it. I’m digitally locked in and want the fuck out.

Companies that stole from me have better customer service response times than tech companies. One thing I do know, somebody getting their ass kicked it they start talking bout nvidia in the next week. In the meantime, crime going up on my side of town. I can travel to kick engineer ass however blood won’t be enough and my fists ain’t healed enough for that level of energy and gas money.

Had to call customer service @ 1 (800) 797-6530. Been years since one didn’t give me a hard time. After a confirmation email, they say 72hrs max. All these programmers can’t run a forum better than a 16 year old script kiddie, sooooooo saaadd.

Hopefully, they fulfills this simple shit since clean code ain’t important to them. If not, I’ll take it up a few levels.

Nvidia Customer !Service Number

one eight hundred, seven nine seven, sixty-five thirty.
1 (800) 797-6530