SDK doesn't work under 18.4 with TITAN V


I have installed the latest PGI fortran comipler (18.4) on our workstation with TITAN V.

Everything looks good, but many SDK examples do not work.

Only “deviceQuery” and “cufinfo” can work.

Some examples cannot be compiled (e.g., bandwidthTest), and some of them can be compiled but cannot pass the test (e.g. sgemm).

Also, all examples in “CUDA-Fortran-Book” cannot pass the test when I tried to run them.

The information of workstation is as following:

CPU: Intel E5-2630
GPU: Nvidia Titan V
OS: CentOS 6.9

Could anyone give some suggestion? Many thanks!

Hi tai-hsien,

What flags are you using?

A Titan V is a Volta (compute capability 7.0) device so you need to compile with “-Mcuda=cc70” for CUDA Fortran or “-ta=tesla:cc70” for OpenACC. This will also have the compiler use CUDA 9.0 instead of the default CUDA 8.0.


Hello Mat,

Thank you so much! It works.