SDK for C# and DirectX 12 support?

Hi programmers, reading the SDK Documentation and example apis folders, I see that they are C++ files with solutions in VS2013, with API’s from DirectX 9, 10 and 11 and OpenGL.

I have an UI in Visual Studio 2017, with Visual C# 7 WPF prepared for DirectX12 Api for render desktop and games capture and codec. Will there be time to update this language C# 7.2 and the latest Microsoft API?

My cordial greetings.

PD Project Details
· Project: Application WPF Visual C# version 7
· SDK’s: Nvidia Capture, Nvidia Codec, NVAPI,
NVIDIA Management Library (NVML), Perfkit
· UI & Layers Design: Blend for Visual Studio 2017
· Project IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017
· Installer: Visual Studio 2017 Installer Project
· Application only 64 bits in .NET Framework 4.7

· Active Template Library & Common Language Runtime 4
· Microsoft Foundation Classes
· Windows Presentation Foundation
· API’s: DirectX 12 and Vulkan
· DevExpress WPF Extensions

Hi Skylar,

Just to clarify, are you asking if the samples will be written in C#?

Ryan Park

Yes, indeed.

I decided to study the syntax of the new language, because I thought it was better.

Thank and greetings.

Updating the samples to C# is currently not on our roadmap, but I’ll provide feedback to the engineering team.


Ryan Park