SDK install problen - openSUSE10.3

These are the steps I’ve followed:

  1. Clean install of openSUSE10.3
  2. Download driver, tools & SDK:, and
  3. Reboot at level 3.
  4. Installed driver with no problems.
  5. Reboot at level 5.
  6. Installed tools with no problems.
  7. Modified PATH variables.
  8. Attemptem install of SDK:

3(NXDOMAIN):~/Desktop # sh
Verifying archive integrity… All good.
Uncompressing NVIDIA CUDA SDK…

  1. Terminal locks up here.

Although I have used it, on and off, for several years, I am not a linux expert. I don’t really know where to start. I switched to openSUSE10.3 as I couldn’t get my wireless adapter to run on Fedora 8 and ubuntu 7.10 won’t install on my hardware. Even though it says the archive integrity is OK, should I download another copy?

Thanks for any help, Skippy

The terminal probably hasn’t locked up. Hit enter a few times. I saw this once, where the SuSE prompt would not display the next line until you hit enter, but it’s not dead.

You are correct. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Skippy