SDK manager cannot find compatible SDK version

Hi, I installed SDK manager 2.1.0 on my Ubuntu machine, I tried to specify the hardware I want to flash(even when I connected my machine with my jetson xavier nx and SDKmanager detected the device) but SDKmanager can not find compatible SKD version. Anyone face the same problems? How can I fix this?

First, Xavier can work with jetpack4 and jetpack5.

Jetpack5 can be installed on a ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 host.

You are using 22.04 which cannot do this work.

So, does this mean that I need to use ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 host to flash Jetson xavier nx with jetpack?
Are there nay other ways to use jetpack 4 or 5? Or any ways to flash without using jetpack?

You can try to download the package from website directly. But it is only for the OS/BSP.

Those cuda sdk things won’t be in the BSP.

I am sorry but I am a beginner to jetson I dont understand those “OS/BSP” things, can you elaborate more on this. Thank you

OS means operating system. In this case, a Linux system with Jetson related driver.

I guess I don’t need to explain what is Linux.

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