SDK manager compatible with mulit-factor authentication?

I recently flashed a Jetson Xavier AGX dev kit with the SDK manager, but it seems that the manager isn’t compatible with 2-factor authentication. The program would fail whenever I was prompted for the sudo password. This was an issue for me, since my company requires 2FA on our computers. I was able to work around this issue by running the SDK manager inside a docker, but it would be nice to just have the SDK manager support 2FA. Are there any plans to add that capability to the SDK manager?

Hi sirdj,

Sorry there is no plan to add this 2FA capability for sudo prompt.

Hi Edward,

Thanks for the info and your prompt reply.

Just wanted to add that I’ve never heard of sudo using two-factor, but that it would be for Linux in general and not just on a Jetson. The normal use of sudo would be to change the sudoers file to give particular users access to only certain commands for a real world scenario. The default is that sudo allows pretty much everything root could do, but sudoers can be made to respond only to the commands needed. One example would be to remove access to “passwd” changes to other users, or perhaps (a contrived example) not allowed to alter file permissions in the “/var/www” web content area. Very few people ever really use sudo command customization, but this is how it is intended to use finer grained authority.

Then there are file ACLs (more advanced Access Control List) edits. Those in combination with finer-grained sudo can be quite effective. However, ACLs are not used by default on a Jetson, and I’ve never tried to enable it to even know if it would work. Regardless, if it does work, then developing a good ACL listing and sudoers edit would be a lot of work.

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