SDK Manager description of flashing

Dear whom it may concern,

I use SDK Manager to install Xavier with DRIVE 10.0, but found in the flashing step the description is “Connect the device to your network using an Ethernet cable”(Install DRIVE with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA DRIVE AGX System Installation and Setup). However, actually I need to use the A-A USB cable to connect the debug port for flashing rather than using the ethernet cable.

So my question is:

  1. Is it a mistake for description, or I misunderstood it?
  2. Is using USB cable to connect debug port to flash the correct approach?


Dear hayang.zhuang,
Yes. You need to connect your host and board with with A-A cable. Also, you need to connect to connect your board and host PC to internet using Ethernet as during installation it downloads some packages from internet.

Thanks SivaRamaKrishna!