SDK Manager does not prompt for sudo password and installation of JetPack fails


I have a Jetson Xavier AGX kit and I am using the SDK manager to install JetPack on it. The SDKManager does not prompt for sudo password at all, and the cuda installation does not complete. On Terminal view, I see several sudo password retry errors and nothing is installed after 3 failed attempts. On the installation manual -, step 3 shows a sudo password request prompt, that window doesn’t show up for me when I continue to step3. My host machine is ubuntu 18.04.
Any help with this is much appreciated !
Thanks !

Update -1 : I am using the latest version of sdkmanager_1.0.0-5517_amd64.deb and trying to install jetPack 4.3. I notice there is an option --sudopassword that can be specified while starting up the sdkmanager. It still does not apply my sudopassword or does not validate it correctly. The same thing happens in CLI install too.

Update- 2 : I downgraded to sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64.deb and tried installing Jetpack 4.2. Finally, it does prompt for my sudo password and applies it to the installations. :) I’ll update this post once the installation completes.

Hi NC,

Are you means, after continue to steps 03, your host machine doesn’t pop-up “Enter your password to perform administrative taskes” message?
Where are you see the option “–sudopassword”? please share the link. Thanks!

Hi Carolyuu,

Thank you for responding. Yes, the latest version sdkmanager_1.0.0-5517_amd64.deb does not show the popup, while sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64.deb does and applies the sudo password. In the latest version when I continue to step 3, there is no popup asking for password to perform administrative tasks and it just continues with download and install attempts fail because of permission issues.
I do see the popup with the earlier version 0.9.12, but that does not install Jetpack 4.3. So I would like to get the latest version working.
With the latest version of SDK, when I try sdkmanager --help, it lists --sudopassword as one of the options. Although it doesn’t apply or validate it correctly.

Is there a way to fix this issue ?
Thanks !

Hi NC,

Please try below steps:

$ sudo rm -r ~/.nvsdkm
$ sudo apt install sdkmanager_1.0.0-5517_amd64.deb
$ sdkmanager