SDK manager failed flash jetpack for jetson xavier


at first, I already change boot from eMMC to SSD.
After development my program, I realize need to use python >3.7.

The default jetpack is 4.6.x and I want to upgrade to jetpack 5.x.x using sdk manager. However the flash keep failed. Need help to solve the issues. (203.0 KB)

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The log says:

ERROR qemu not found! To install - please run: “sudo apt-get install qemu-user-static”

Tq. This is resolve my issues.

After installation jetpack 5.1.1 and im using python 3.7. Which pytorch version should i Install?

Im install using this and it cannot detect cuda.
$pip3 install torch


Please use our prebuilt to have CUDA support.
You can find the installation command below:


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