SDK Manager: Failed to repair / update Drive AGX Nvidia SDK


I am getting some installation errors when trying to repair and update my nvidia drive agx SDK !

I am using the SDK Manager

These are the missed host components to be repaired : CUDA , AI (cuDNN , TensorRT), DRIVE AV, DRIVE AR, Developer tools.

List of errors:

ERROR: The .mtd file is corrupt. Start a new download.
ERROR: CUDA on Host: download error: failed, retrying 1…
ERROR: CUDA on Host : download ‘CUDA on Host’ failure
ERROR: CUDA on Host : undefined
ERROR: cuDNN x86 : download ‘cuDNN x86’ failure
ERROR: cuDNN x86 : undefined
ERROR: TensorRT x86 : download ‘TensorRT x86’ failure

Why all the downloaded .mtd files are corrupted (size 0 bytes)?
I tried to remove all the files and re download them again and it is the same thing !

Do you have any idea how to fix this issue ?

I have done apt-get update/upgrade and still have this issue.

Thank you,

Dear anfel.kammoun,

I think that the issue is missing file, and with retry you may have already lost the token to download the file.
Could you please logout and re-select the SDK release to download and install as regular flow, missing files should be redownloaded correctly? Thanks.

Hello ,

Thanks for your quick answer.

That’s exactly what I did, so I started again from step 1 to download and install as the regular flow.
However, I got a different error during downloading the different files :

WARNING : cuDNN on target :

10:45:54 WARNING : TensorRT on Target : retry to connect caused by Error: The .mtd file is corrupt. Start a new download.
10:45:54 ERROR : TensorRT on Target : download error: failed with Error: The .mtd file is corrupt. Start a new download.
10:45:54 WARNING : TensorRT on Target : download failed, retrying 1…

My network is working fine.
I tried to use the proxy also and it is the same output error !!

I am using the latest version of sdk manger 09.14.4961

Is there a problem connecting the SDK Manager to the network or do I need a special setup ?


Dear anfel.kammoun,

According to the log, it seems to download jetpack-sdk for Jetson Embedded board not DriveAGX.
Could you please select DriveAGX Dev Kit in HW configuration like below?

And please refer to below to proxy settings. Thanks.


The log files that I used here comes from another comment but it is the same error!
I am actually selecting the right target HW (drive AGX).

I solved this issue by manually downloading the required “61” (.run, .deb, …) files.

I am having another error during flashing (FLASHING FAILURE) but this is another subject and I already created a topic for it.

Maybe you can have a look and help me !

Thank you very much !