SDK manager hangs connecting to AGX Xavier

I am using the SDK Manager ( on an ubuntu 18.04 laptop to try and flash jetpack (4.6.2) to my AGX Xavier.

the board is detected and everything downloads, i get to “Step 03” in the SDK Manager and then it prompts me to flash the device.

upon clicking the green “flash” button it turns to a greyed out “connecting” button with a loading circle and seems to stay there forever.

it has been like this for about 30 minutes, is this typical or a problem? and how could it be resolved?

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i have since restarted the SDK and put in a username and password that i know is wrong and the sdk produces the same behavior

Hi ubunt2,

Please re-install sdkmanager and try again.
$ sudo apt install ./sdkmanager_[version]-[build#]_amd64.deb

SDKM download link: NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer

i have since reinstalled the sdk manager and it produced the same behavior.

i was eventually able to flash it by setting the mode to “manual mode” rather than “automatic mode” in the prompt it gives in the “about to flash hardware” popup in step 03


Hey everyone! I’m experiencing the same issue. I originally thought it might be related to my host being Ubuntu 20.04, but then I rolled back to Ubuntu 18.04 and experience the same thing. I’ve tried automatic and manual connections, and it continues to freeze up with the same scenario mentioned above. Any guidance would be appreciated!

You’ll want to use the log export button on JetPack/SDK Manager and post the logs. Probably start a new topic even though it might initially look like the same topic.

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