SDK Manager host start window bad

I am running a new Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS Release:18.04 installation, within a Parallels Version 14.1.3 (45485) “full screen” VM. No errors or warnings were thrown during the installation of SDK Manager from the downloaded . Whenever I run sdkmanager (no Jetson connected), a small window opens that displays whatever was underneath it, for example, that part of a Firefox page that is behind the sdkmanager window is statically displayed in the sdkmanager window. If you would like a screen shot, just use a screen grabber on any part of the screen - what you see is what I get in the sdkmanager initial window. It also won’t quit from the applications menu - it has to be “killed”. And it is not listed in the Applications briefcase with all my other installed apps.
I’ve tried adjusting the display settings in ubuntu and Parallels but no joy. I messed around with my mouse and tab key and got it to open the login window to the drives developer web page but this is just stumbling blindly.
Any ideas where to start looking for the cause of this problem?