SDK Manager Issue - SDK components are not installed in Target board

Hello All,
Using the SDK manager, trying to install the SDK components in board.
But it installs the Ubuntu OS, after that it does not install the SDK components.
TX2 board is not connected to Internet. It is connected to host via USB cable.
From Host, I am able to ping the Board IP ( and can make the SSH to board.
Is Internet connection must for this? Any other issues?


Hello All,
In which path, it will install the Tegra Multimedia APIs and other components?
SDK manager file: sdkmanager_0.9.14-4964_amd64.deb


Some random details to help clarify…

The SDK amd64.deb goes only to the host PC. This installs tools for flash, including tools to download and copy packages. The .deb itself does not directly install any of the files or tools until a later download via the running SDKM application.

Once SDKM is run a manifest file is downloaded from NVIDIA. This manifest contains a base address and some specific information to download various components. Examples would be the sample rootfs download, or the arm64 CUDA package (these may initially go to the host PC’s “~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads/”). During flash and install stages some of these downloads may or may not be used. Part of them will install to the host if needed.

After the Jetson is flashed it must reboot and have login account setup complete. This is because none of the extra packages exist until ssh copy of those to the Jetson. That copy is over wired ethernet.

Wired ethernet itself can be from the regular ethernet port, or else over the micro-B USB cable. This latter works because a flashed and fully booted Jetson will have been set up to create a “virtual” wired ethernet emulation (the host PC sees this as a network device which assigns an IP address to the host PC of “”, and the Jetson end is always address “”). Thus in options if you name the IP address of the wired ethernet, be it the actual wired ethernet or the virtual, then it is possible to connect via ssh (provided you did the first boot login and set up an account…ssh won’t work without an account).

Many components related to development will be visible in the “/usr/local/” area, e.g., there would be a “cuda” directory with a version number, plus a symbolic link to the the versioned number just named “cuda”.

If the host does not have internet access all of this will fail.

On first boot the Jetson will be doing an update of its own files and needs internet access for this.