SDK Manager make me crazy, how can I use this tool?

I use the latest version of SDK Manager to upgrade jetpack to 4.4.1 in Xavier dev board. It require me to login first using developer account in my default browser which is google chrome, but at the phase of validation to check whether I am a robot, those pictures can not be displayed, I spend a day to try to solve it and no solution found yet.
Does anybody tell me how can I do validation without using browser method?

My eyes are not so great and I have to enlarge the pictures to see what is in them sometimes. I doubt there is a way around using the browser, but enlarging can be very useful (at least when not being eagle eyed).

Perhaps you could use your cell phone to scan the QR code to login on your phone?

Use the CLI for it, much better. made the mistake of upgrading my host to 20.04 and nothing is available for the Jetson AGX for 20.04 so I ended up using the command line interface and then starting fresh on two agx machines

I tried this method, and I don’t know what is PIN code after I use my cell phone to scan the QR,

Could you share your command line you use? Did you use the latest version of SDK manager?

There is no need to provide a different PIN code. The default PIN code can be used without issue.

Where can I find default PIN code which is required to input on my cell phone? It seems that no documentation show me how to finish this process in this way.

There is no need to manually enter any PIN code. When I scan the QR code with cell phone, the browser on my cell phone will be brought up, and the following screenshot is displayed in the browser on my cell phone.

What I need to do is to tap the “SUBMIT” button, then log in according to prompt.

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When I use my cell phone camera to scan the QR, the prompted UI did not show any default PIN number but waiting for me to enter. Unfortunately, it still failed after I enter your pin code.
I am a customer in China, due to the reason of GFW, I have to use proxy, but chrome browser in Ubuntu can not show “I am human” validator image, now I don’t know how to upgrade JetPack for my xavier board.

I did not state the method I used correctly, I did my flashing with docker and committed the image after.

The command looked like:
$ sudo docker run -it --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb/ test:4.4 --cli install --logintype devzone --product Jetson --host --target P2888-0001 --targetos Linux --version 4.4.1 --select ‘Jetson OS’ --select ‘Jetson SDK Components’ --additionalsdk DeepStream --flash all --license accept --staylogin true --datacollection disable --exitonfinish

The code you get after you start the process and log into your account.Now that I flashed one I had to do the other so that is why I committed the docker image so I would not have to download everything for the second one.
you can see my container after I committed it, but make sure to have space on the ssd
$ sudo docker images
test 4.4 7aa307e14971 3 weeks ago 59.8GB
sdkmanager 0e9d62e318ad 7 weeks ago 913MB
sdkmanager latest 0e9d62e318ad 7 weeks ago 913MB

happy flashing:

Now, I want to use local install method and download the needed JetPack software packages on another machine.
Could you tell me where to download the JetPack SDK software packages, I searched but did not find this kind of install software package.

Hi spring_wind,

Please see Sdkmanager download error - #3 by EdwardZhou on how to get the urls of JetPack SDK software packages.