SDK Manager on Arm-64


The tegrarcm package is available for Ubuntu 22.04 now. Now, I need to find out how to use this package. It is supposed to be available from at least 18.04 onwards.


This package is only for the Legacy Tegra20, Tegra30, and Tegra114 platforms, not for the current ones.

OK. Is there any technical reason this package can not be expanded to include current and past NVIDIA platforms such as the Jetson TX2, AGX Xavier, Orin, etc?? What would it take to accomplish this?


Look at the source. There are blobs (hexdumps) specific for each device. Either reverse engineer this (much work) or have NVidia open-source it. The limitation to non-locked non-secure-boot devices would be ok for me.

tldr: No, there are no technical reasons. But you are stuck for the moment.

I would love to see NVIDIA make this Open Source! Yes, at the moment, I am very stuck and not able to use my AGX Xavier. This may be the same for the Jetson TX2 NX module I have, which I am waiting for carrier boards to arrive.

Will somebody from NVIDIA please comment on this??


I completely agree, but at the same time, I think NVIDIA has good reasons for not doing so. Unfortunately, there are possible security concerns (especially since some of this is shared across non-Jetson platforms on vehicles). I would tend to side with the open source, or at least open API interface for the Jetson case. In the case of information which applies only during recovery mode flash it seems reasonable to make the information available, but since I don’t have that information it is also difficult to say that this is harmless.

The sharing of code between the Jetson and vehicle platforms could be an issue, but I see no reason why this could not be worked around. Shared code is great, but this is one case where code should not be shared between platforms.

I certainly would not want to see anything introduced that would or could cause a security problem. In the case of the Jetson platform, we are talking about a direct cabled USB host to a USB device connection where there should not be any security concerns.


Security that is based on obscurity is no security. NVidia should know this.

Everybody should know this.

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