SDK Manager - Requests update in a loop - BLOCKER


I want to flash a new Xavier with SDK Manager (Currently installed version: 0.9.11 - 3405).
When I’m stating the SDK Manager, after logging in, a message appears that informs me about a new version:
"[i]New version is available
SDK Manager version 0.9.12 - b4180 is now available.
Currently installed version: 0.9.11 - 3405.
This update is required for all products installation.

Please click Update to continue.[/i]"

I hit the “Update” button and after that I provide the sudo password:
Host machine super-user password”.

The message is closed and the application seems to be restarted. After logging in, the same update message appears. I can’t get out of this loop.

This is a blocker because even if I hit the “Later” button in order to skip the upgrade I’m not able to use the application to flash the Xavier because at step 1, under “Target Operating System” it says:
Linux Latest version of SDK Manager is required”.
I can’t use the application anymore and I don’t find the SDK Manager version 0.9.12 - b4180 anywhere in order to install it manually.


  • Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
  • SDK Manager: 0.9.11 - 3405

Note 1: I was able to flash a TX2 a few weeks ago with the same application, but at that moment no upgrade message was displayed.
Note 2: I also reinstalled the application and this didn’t fixed the issue.

Is there a server from where I can download the manually latest version as a work around until this issue is fixed?


I found the problem:
It was somehow related to my shell: zsh. I replaced it with bash and I don’t have this problem anymore.