SDK Manager Skipping Flash Automatically

Hi,using the SDK manager I once ran the JetsonTX2 install and skipped the flash intentionally. Now, I need to flash it but there is no option to ‘un-skip’ the flash process. Is there some SDK config file I can modify to not skip the flash process?
fyi, I’ve tried reinstalling the sdkm

Edit: This was because of a silly mistake on my part, I was checking the “Download now and install later” option at the bottom. After leaving that unchecked I was able to flash properly.

Hi kikoyi6222,

SDK Manager will pop up a dialog box before flashing. Please see for the steps and pictures.
If you are using command-line install, please add “–flash all” option to the command. Please refer to for the full option reference.

Hi EdwardZhou, thank you for your reply. In my case there is no popup message before flashing. I imagine that this is because I previously said ‘skip’ and it wants to remember my answer. The fact that it remembers this between installations of the SDK manager makes me think I can modify/delete something to reset it.

Also, when I run the command line install it says “Ignoring --flash. This argument is supported only with --cli.”.

Hi kokoyi6222,

SDK Manager doesn’t remember your selections to skip flashing. Can you please provide the logs in ~/.nvsdkm/ directory for further investigation?