SDK Manager version supporting Jetpack 4.6 login problem

Hi, I’m using a Linux Ubuntu machine version 20.04.5, and I need to flash a Jetpack 4.6.
The Jetpack 4.6 seems to be only supported on SDK Manager version 1.8.x and lower.
However, the SDK Manager version 1.8.x doesn’t allow me to login and I obtain the error:
“User is not authorized on NVIDIA developer server.”
Version 1.9.x and upper allows me to login but doesn’t support Jetpack 4.6.

It is not sdkmanager version that blocks you. It is the ubuntu version you are using that does not allow you to flash jetpack4.

Please refer to the support table here.

Always use the latest sdkmanager version.

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Tip: If you start SDKM like this, then you see older L4T releases even from newer SDKM:
sdkmanager --archived-versions
(which won’t fix incorrect host version for a given L4T, though command line may get around that)

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