Sdk mananger superuser dialogue box dual monitor bug

I couldn’t find a SDKM board so I’m posting this here. It’s not a major issue, but the superuser password dialogue box appears in between monitors on a dual monitor setup, and it can’t be moved. Also, is there a SDKM bug tracker, because I have a few more to report?

Hi mdegans,

Using SDKM client 0.9.14, we couldn’t reproduce the issue on either Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 PC.
Can you please add more information about environment settings?
Can you please attach a picture for this issue?

Huh. I’m running plain vanilla Gnome as opposed to Ubuntu’s skinned version (sudo apt install gnome-session). I have no extensions installed other than those that come with Ubuntu 18.

Edit: SDKM version currently is but I think when this happened it was prompting me for an update, so it may not be the same version as when the screenshot was taken.

Thanks mdegans,

This dialog is for SDKM updater. The dialog is an Electron frameless window, which currently doesn’t support dragging. We’ll fix it in future version.

Thanks! Why the move away from gtk? I liked the old SDKM better, personally. SDKM used to do native things like prompt for a user in sudo if the running user wasn’t. Now my Nvidia dev user has to be in the sudo group. It’s riskier this way in addition to the lack of native functionality.