Sdk mangaer login is stuck


I am new to xavier platform and I want to install jetpack in my AGX Xavier
However I couldn’t login with SDK Manager. It got stuck here not showing any external browser or something

Please help
Below is my system info
OS : Ubuntu server 18.04
SDK manager version : 1.3.1
linux machine is connected with my window machine with ssh + X11 forwarding


Try below steps:

  1. Execute ‘sdkmanager --query --staylogin true’
  2. Above step should provide you a link to login
  3. Copy that link and in windows machine open browser to login with that link.
  4. Once you complete login sdkmanager will save the login session.
  5. Now you can use sdkmanager agin in gui, this time it will auto login.

It worked!

Thanks for quick reply :)