SDK Path Tracer sample app

HI, I was snooping into SDK samples, in particular the Path Tracer sample.

Path Tracing is the main reason of my interest into Optix.

The problem is that I’m very interested,but I know very little of Path Tracing (in the past I’ve used only classical raytracing => PovRay)

I mean: how to implement the fastest Path Tracer, I can do, with Optix (best practice)

I’ve found this lines of code into the file “path_tracer.cpp” (SDK 3.5.1):

// Index of sampling_stategy (BSDF, light, MIS)
  m_sampling_strategy = 0;

Sound promising ! I’ve searched, but this variable (“sampling_stategy”) is not used.

The question are:

  • Can you please complete the example? …please

  • Can you please add some more Path Tracing examples to SDK? E.g. “Bi Directional Path Tracing

I’ve seen that there is a texture “tv.ppm” under the folder “data” but it is not used

Please NVidia guys…

==> Full “Design Garage” Source Code, would be a good start… ;-)

take a look at mis_sample, it contains the mentioned sampling strategies.

@bi directional pt
i suppose the samples are made to demo the functionality and explain the framework. since the given samples already do that, there is no need for an additional bidir pt example.

but anyway, i’m working on a bi dir renderer for an university course and i’ll probably release the source code after the course is finished (in may).

Thank you for the quick reply.

i’ll look forward to hearing your news soon…

Please, reply to this topic with the download link when done.

Thank you very much

Hehe, it’s been over two months, but I finally finished coding and made a blog entry including the source code: Global illumination rendering using path tracing and bidirectional path tracing