SDK Support (NVIDIA SDK Manager) for Jetson AGX Xavier device

Hi everyone.
I have a MIC-730IVA device. Features in

My goal is object detection with yolov4 using opencv. I want to use gpu and cuda for this. I reached a YouTube video to make the necessary installations. JetPack 4.1 - NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier - YouTube
Maybe this will give you a better idea of what I’m trying to do. Frankly, I knew it wouldn’t work, but I wanted to try my luck. The Youtube video is for AGX Xavier developer kit. So, it is similar but not exactly the same device as MIC-730IVA.

I hope I was able to explain my problem. In addition, the device comes with the Arm architecture Ubuntu 18.04 installed.

How should I proceed now? Do you have a resource you would recommend? I’m waiting for your help. Thank you from now.

We would suggest upgrade to Jetpack 4.5.1 and try DeepStrram SDK. You can install it and try default config file first, and then refer to this page for running YoloV4:
yolov4_deepstream/deepstream_yolov4 at master · NVIDIA-AI-IOT/yolov4_deepstream · GitHub
Jetson/L4T/TRT Customized Example -


I can’t install Jetpack and SDKManager. This is what I want help with. The Mic730IVA requires a different setup. I’m trying to learn this.

Please contact Advantech for further support. The default L4T releases are for Xavier developer kit. Your device would need custom image from Advantech.

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