SDK Template project - timing weirdness timing the template project maybe broken

I needed to be sure timing was working in a predictable way, so I compiled the SDK Template project from Beta v1.1 for 10.5.2 Mac OS X with:

  1. make, to produce bin/macosx/release/template
  2. make dbg=1, to produce bin/macosx/debug/template
  3. make emu=1, to produce bin/macosx/emurelease/template
  4. make emu=1 dbg=1, to produce bin/macosx/emudebug/template
    When I ran the 4 program versions (on my MacBook Pro with 8600M GT and 128Mbytes), I got crazy results:

bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 153.809998 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 153.852997 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 153.593002 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 152.621994 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 174.639008 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 150.988998 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 151.822006 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 156.182999 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 151.438004 (ms)
bin/macosx/release/template Processing time: 151.354996 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.328000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.312000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.314000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.315000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.240000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.235000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.246000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.240000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.232000 (ms)
bin/macosx/debug/template Processing time: 0.239000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.493000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.407000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.460000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.386000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 6.674000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.802000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.570000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.631000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.576000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emurelease/template Processing time: 4.511000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.808000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.993000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.780000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.673000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.453000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.543000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.799000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.666000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.718000 (ms)
bin/macosx/emudebug/template Processing time: 9.456000 (ms)

NOTE: I have re-ordered these results by executable to make the differences easy to see. The actual run was sequential, and each of the 4 different versions (release, debug, emurelease, and emudebug) were run one after the other, and that sequence was run 10 times.

As you can see, the SLOWEST was the RELEASE version, by a factor of more than 10x. The FASTEST was the debug version, by more than 10x !

The tests are so small, I would expect them to run on the MacBook Pro okay.

I’ve searched these forums, but failed to find this mentioned anywhere.
I had a look at the makefile to see if it is broken, but it looks okay.
Anyone else spotted this, and have an explanation, or ideally a fix?