SDK Wont install

Ive got a AGX orin dev kit with 5.0.1 DP (l4t 34.1.1)

I want to install the NVIDIA SDK components buts SDK manager didnt have 5.0.1 as an option. I tried 5.0.2 runtime instead but that is not compatabile it seems and several items fail.

How can i install SDK components on 5.0.1 DP

@dusty_nv @kayccc

can you assist with this? i need to get the system updated and returned by Monday

FYI, there were a lot of problems with the very early developer previews. Odds are rather high that updating to the most recent L4T R35.x would solve this (or at least make life much easier). I know it might be a bit painful sometimes to start with a completely new flash, but it really is worthwhile in this case. Note that you could clone first if you need to save something important (or use rsync). You wouldn’t use that clone for the next flash (that’d defeat the new L4T update purpose), but some content (e.g., home directory) could still be preserved.

Yes … as linudev said, why use a developer preview verison (5.0.1).

ok ill load the latest thank you

Quick follow on question, I’m not sure if it’s a agx 32 or 64gb. I’ve already started flashing 32gb. How can I tell if I should have loaded 32 or 64?


If the sku is 0004, then it is 32G module.
sku 0005 is 64GB module.

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